~2012 Anipal Prom Timeline~

***Please be aware that except for starting/ending times, which are firm, all other times are approximate, i.e., give or take a couple of minutes, to allow for the vagaries of internet connection speed, Twitter foul ups, etc. Thanks!***
All times are Eastern US Daylight Savings Time
Five hours behind UK Summer Time
Fourteen hours behind AU/NZ
1700/5 p.m. Prom opens
                    Bar, buffet, and dance floor open
                    Guess the Treats in the Jar Contest Opens
                             DM your guess, one per anipal, to Herman @tattlecat
1705/5:05 p.m. Nikes welcome speech
1715/5:15 p.m. Special announcement
1730/5:30 p.m. First dance contestants dance
Dance contestants carry on every 15 minutes until 2200/10:00 p.m. when last contestant dances. See below for specific dance times.
Note: DJs should have heard in advance from contestants with regard to music and be ready to play it at the appropriate time. DJs may consult dance timetable below for times.
18:55/6:55 p.m. Announcement/crowning of individual Prom King, individual Prom Queen
2035/8:35 p.m. Announcement/crowning of Couple Prom King & Queen
2215/10:15 p.m. Winners of Dance Contest announced
2300/11 p.m.  Winners of Temptations/Dreamies in the Jar announced
12 midnight  Prom closes

~Dance Timetable~

5:30 P.M.1st Dance Contestants:
     @whitie99 & @3phibotticelli/Rhumba
5:45 P.M. 2nd Dance Contestants:
     @punkpugs & @doggymolly/Ballroom
6 P.M. 3rd Dance Contestants:
     @jackchidoggy &@millymopmoo /Waltz
6:15 P.M. 4th Dance Contestants:
     @hems_lenny & @rescuepugbella /Waltz
6:30 P.M. 5th Dance Contestants:
     @frankencat1 & @tattlecat /Tango
6:45 P.M. 6th Dance Contestants:
     @scottythebunny & @baileybun1 /Waltz
7 P.M. 7th Dance Contestants:
     @lexiedew &@macadootoo /Jive
7:15 P.M. 8th Dance Contestant:
     @nancycakeface /Charleston
7:30 P.M. 9th Dance Contestants:
     @mollylachien & @ Kentonfaulkner /Viennese Waltz
7:45 P.M. 10th Dance Contestant:
8 P.M. 11th Dance Contestants:
      @lilywhot &@toughteddybear /Jive
8:15 P.M. 12th Dance Contestants:
     @oreobun & @chubbiandmochi/Jazz
8:30 P.M. 13th Dance Contestants:
     @ kentonfaulkner &@ budleigh_beagle /Foxtrot
8:45 P.M. 14th Dance Contestants:
     @morrisonchloe &@elvisthebuggs /Twist
9 P.M. 15th Dance Contestants:
     @giambiboypup &@misspissposh /Disco Jive
9:15 P.M. 16th Dance Contestants:
     @samthewatcher &@dylcat /Waltz
9:30 P.M. 17th Dance Contestant:
     @Bea_bells /Freestyle
9:45 P.M. 18th Dance Contestants:
     @WinstonTabby &@crybabrkit /Jive
10 P.M. 19th Dance Contestants:
     @leoblue31 & @therealsmokie /Waltz

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