Sunday, June 10, 2012

Post Prom

The Anipal Prom was definitely the place to be on Friday night! We were Trending on Twitter at #2 WORLDWIDE! Everyone was there!

We even had a marvelous article written about us! Check it out! We're famous! A Night to Remember

I want to post as many prom pictures as I can, so if you would like to have your picture included, please email me your picture with your Twitter handle at Im trying to gather as many as I can but Im afraid Ill miss some! Ill include them in a future post.

I want to thank everyone on the Prom Committee for all working so hard to create such an incredible event.

Nike @Nikepurrfektcat

Nike came up with the prom idea, so she was essentially the Committee Chairperson. She worked incredibly hard with us to organize this fantastic event. She created all the beautiful prom pictures for the prom venue, wrote the dance contest rules, scheduled the contestants, helped with the PR, helped judge the dance contest, and kept everything running smoothly all night.

Truman @TweetingTruman (that's me!)

I set up the main prom blog, created the menu (thanks so much to those who helped with suggestions), gathered all the committees information for inclusion on the blog, performed prom publicity on Twitter, helped judge the dance contest, and worked behind the scenes with planning and coordination.

Phi @3phibotticelli

Phi worked with Dylan on scheduling the DJs/Barktenders for the evening, helped with prom planning, performed tireless publicity on Twitter with numerous tweets and discussions about the prom, helped coordinate the dance contest on prom night by DMing and tweeting contestants.  Phi is this incredible warm, beautiful, doggie with an unlimited supply of energy!

Bode @4catsstrapski

Bode was responsible for all the fabulous Prom favors and Prom Court prizes. He has such exquisite taste! He worked hard on Twitter prom publicity, helped judge the dance contest, helped with planning and coordination, and kept me sane during the hectic dance contest with his warm, witty DMs!
Herman @Tattlecat and Belle @Frankencat1

Herman handled the Temptations/Dreamies contest, set up a Prom King/Queen blog for voting, handled the votes, announced the winners throughout the night, worked tirelessly on Prom publicity, and performed Barktending duties with Belle on Prom night. Of course we must not forget his legendary six visits to twitmo on prom night!

Belle helped with prom planning, worked tirelessly on prom publicity, performed Barktending duties with Herman on prom night, and helped us all stay focused with her cool, calm demeanor!
Dylan @Dylcat1

Dylan worked with Phi on scheduling the DJs/Barktenders for the evening, worked tirelessly on prom publicity on Twitter, and helped us all stay focused with his cool, practical, and calm demeanor!
CK @CheshireKitten was our photographer for the evening, who created breathtaking keepsake photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime! Thank you so much CK!

The dance contestants all performed superbly! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I immensely enjoyed your dancing!

Thank you to all the wonderful DJs and Barktenders who always make these events so much fun!

Thank you to DJs @MaggieTKat, @Kaitokamui, @Frankietheig, @SantheWatcher, @IamRustyCat, @germanshorthair, @Kingtittifruiti, @Bea_Bells, and @RealFakeGator!
Thank you to Barktenders @WinstonTabby, @TiggyBean, @DuchessCrabtree, @PepperPom, @Tattlecat @Frankencat2, @ToughTeddyBear & @HenryTheCat2002!
If I've forgotten to include anyone, I do apologize. Please let me know and I'll include you!
Thank you, everyone, for a marvelous evening!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Temptations/Dreamies Contest Winner

The Temptations/Dreamies Contest was to guess the correct number of Temptations in the bowl without going over.

The winner of the Temptations/Dreamies contest was Belle @Frankencat1.

The correct number of Temptations in the bowl was 335. Belle guessed 321.

Congratulations Belle!

Belle won a $25 gift card donated by @OprahtheWestie.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dance Contest Winners

The winners of the Dance Contest are @LilyLuWhoT and @toughteddybear! Congratulations!!!!

Anipal Prom Couple King and Queen

The Couple Prom King and Queen of the 2012 Anipal Prom are @Rockythedog and @Queen_Greta!
Congratulations Rocky and Greta!


Individual Prom King & Queen

The individual Prom Queen of the 2012 Anipal Prom is @3phibotticelli! Congratulations Phi!

 The individual Prom King of the 2012 Anipal Prom is @Tommypug! Congratulations Tommy!

Honorary Prom King & Queen

The Honorary King and Queen of the 2012 Anipal Prom are @Petiethecat and @Pandafur! Congratulations Petie and Pandy!